Many have heard of cranio-sacral therapy. The methods used in cranio-sacral therapy can be compared as being just a small piece of SOT® Craniopathy. Craniopathy is more comprehensive and complex requiring advanced chiropractic knowledge to understand and perform. Craniopathy is a higher level of study under SOT® Methods that involves the movement of all of the soft and bony cranial structures as they relate to the rest of the body both neurologically and biomechanically.

Do you have back pains, stomach pains, knee pains, etc?  The problem may be all in your head…

The skull houses 80% of the nervous system.  There are 22 bones in the cranium interlinked via sutures. These bones have a required amount of movement within themselves as well as between each other. The movement is very small, but if this movement is dysfunctional, then it affects the conduction of the nervous system and the flow of the fluid that nourishes it. These effects can be quite profound as the nervous system is the master commanding/ communication system of the body.  Nothing happens in your body without the nervous system’s involvement.

The dural system covers the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. It attaches directly to the vertebrae, sacrum, and cranium and indirectly to your extremities by way of soft tissue connections.  The dura is a very rigid structure that basically makes your body like a string puppet in which everything is connected. Pull the toe and move the head!  Twist the ear and move the pelvis!  The relationship is complex and requires an advanced understanding of anatomy. The cerebral spinal fluid is filtered from and back to the blood.  It is responsible for nourishing the nervous system and ensuring proper nerve conduction.   Both the dural system and cerebral spinal fluid flow is intricately affected by cranial bone motion, flexibility and alignment. A craniopath must have extensive knowledge and experience in the basic and advanced levels of SOT® Methods.  Beyond the advanced knowledge in anatomy, neurology and physiology, craniopathy also requires exceptional palpation and adjusting skills.

Craniopathy is likely the most intricate practice in chiropractic.

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