Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT)

Sacral Occipital technique (SOT) is a method of chiropractic care designed to normalize the relationship between the foundation of the spine (sacrum) and the top of the spine (occipital).  The therapy aims to reduce or eliminate pain, but its primary goal is to normalize whole body function.

The purpose of the Sacral Occipital technique is to help the function and health of the entire body.

A combination of spinal and extremity alignment, soft tissue analysis and cranial sacral procedures are used.  The body’s entire structures are analyzed to find out if there’s a nerve imbalance. When neural communication pathways between the brain and the spinal cord are working properly, mental and physical health will improve.

Dr. M. B. DeJarnette developed this technique with study, research and clinical application. Sacral Occipital is said to naturally improve health when structural misalignment is corrected.

Misalignments can occur in the pelvis, spine, cranium, shoulders, arms, legs, knees, feet and organs. Pain can heal in all parts of the body when they’re corrected. This includes pain from disc degeneration, herniation, sciatic pain and plantar fasciitis. Excellent health can result when the skull, pelvis and spine are aligned and in balance. SOT is often used with different techniques. Patients are sometimes given direction about their diet and nutrition along with the Sacral Occipital Technique.

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