Case Studies

With the case studies offered here, you can see the progress made from the time of the initial complaint, through treatment, to relief.

There is little that can better illustrate the life changes for a successfully treated patient than to look at their circumstances from the beginning. With the case studies offered here, you can see the progress made from the time of the initial complaint, through treatment, to relief.

Whatever your own circumstances might be, you’ll clearly see from these summaries that you could also feel better and live better! Contact us with your questions or to set up an appointment to see how Associated Healthcare can help you to realize your good health potential.

60 year-old female homemaker – Case No. 0010

Patient came in because she was experiencing extreme pain in the left lower extremity after having extensive surgery to the veins of her left leg. Post-surgical pain was being treated with medications; however, the significant swelling in the lower extremity was becoming a concern.

We utilized the BioStim treatment on the left lower leg with exceptional results. On her next visit one day later, patient indicated that the swelling had been reduced by 50 per cent. The pain in her leg was reduced to the point where medications were not needed at that time.

Patient returned in three days stating that the pain was minimal at best, and that the edema remaining in the lower extremity was inconsequential.

14 year-old male – Case No. 0011

Patient presented complaining of headaches. His mother stated that he had been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), allergies, and asthma. She mentioned that he may also have Tourette Syndrome.

Evaluation revealed that he had nine allergies: aspergillus, animal hair, household chemicals, cow’s milk, soy, ethanol, solvents, and gliaden. He also had candida. On his first visit, we treated him for candida, which cleared in two visits. We then began treating for the allergies, clearing aspergillus and animal hair first. On his next visit, we cleared household chemicals and ethanol; next visit, cow’s milk and gliaden; and the next visit, soy. He was then given the supplement Zymex.

The conditions that he had suffered (headaches, asthma, and allergies) completely resolved, as did his symptoms of ADD. The Tourette Syndrome never did manifest.

77 year-old retired female – Case No. 0021

Patient’s history included severe leg pain emanating from the sacroiliac on the left side migrating into the left thigh and lower leg and ankle. Patient had had this pain for a period of three months. Her pain was so great that her appetite had diminished significantly. Consequently, she was losing weight which was causing concern to her family members. Surgery was recommended; however, because of her age, it was decided to try other measures. That is when she came to our office.

Examination revealed weakness of the gluteus medius, quadriceps, and psoas, all on the left side. It was determined that this patient had a sacroiliac dysfunction on the left side, with subluxations and degenerative disc disease at the lumbar 4 and lumbar 5 levels. Corrections were made to the L4 and L5 vertebrae. Patient returned in two days. She stated that her pain was reduced by more than 50 per cent. The same procedure was administered. The patient again returned in two days, saying that her pain was no reduced by 90 per cent. The same treatment was administered and, by the fourth visit, her pain was absent. The patient was eating well again and began to regain strength.

78 year-old female – Case No. 0052

Patient presented with excruciating pain in the right lower extremity. Patient ambulated with great difficulty into the treatment room.

Examination showed that the great toe on the right foot, as well as the second toe and the ball of her right foot, were quite swollen and red. Gout was the diagnosis.

We began the BioStim procedure. In less than two minutes of treatment, she was ambulating well and virtually pain free.

64 year-old female health care worker – Case No. 0063

Patient presented with eczema of the hands bilaterally. The condition was severe as the hands were weeping and causing a great deal of pain with incapacity. A homeopathic remedy was administered. The patient was told to return in one week.

Upon her return, we found that the hands had completely healed. There was no pain, and she was very happy. Patient related that she saw extreme relief in 24 hours and that, within one week’s time, the condition had resolved completely.

46 year-old male office worker – Case No. 0074

Patient presented with complaints of tinnitus bilaterally (ringing in the ears). His history revealed an auto accident two years prior. The tinnitus was severe to the point where concentration was impossible. It was aggravated by any exertion. Patient was losing sleep, and his job performance was suffering.

Examination showed a cranial fault involving the occiput. There was bilateral weakness of the trapezius muscles as well as the anterior cervical muscles. Spasms were evident in the cervical spine. There were subluxations at C1 and C5.

Treatment began with correction of the cranial fault and adjustment to the first and fifth cervical segments. Patient returned in two days, mentioning that he had noticed some improvement in the tinnitus. Patient returned again in four days and indicated that the ringing in his ears had diminished by 90 per cent. When the patient returned two weeks later, only a mild residual tinnitus was present. Patient was released to PRN (return when necessary).

57 year-old male truck driver – Case No. 0098

Patient presented with complaints of severe pain in the tailbone, with pain radiating into the left lower extremity, as well as severe acid reflux. The pain in his lower back was rated a 9 on a 1-to-10 scale, with 10 being the most excruciating. Patient was taking double doses of Nexium for the acid reflux at a cost of $350 per month. The medication helped alleviate it to the point where he was able to sleep while in a reclined position at 45 degrees, rather than horizontal, in the sleeper cab of his truck.

Examination revealed that there was weakness of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, hamstring, quadriceps, and psoas muscles. Finished Achilles reflex on the left side was indicated. There were subluxations at lumbar 5, thoracic 6 and 7, and cervical 1. A cranial fault at the occiput was also revealed.

Corrections were made to the cranium with the BioCranial Technique. Adjustments to the sacroiliac on the left side and L5, T6, T7, and C1 were administered. Patient was also placed on the digestive support Zypan (betaine hydrochloride). Zypan is used to help increase and regulate the level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach whereas Nexium is used to reduce it.

Patient returned three days later relating that his low back and leg pain had reduced by 75 per cent. He proclaimed that the acid reflux was completely resolved in less than 24 hours and never returned. Patient returned in 17 days stating that the low back and leg pain had been resolved. He continued to have good digestive health with no acid reflux.

22 year-old female interior designer – Case No. 0106

Patient presented with allergies to cow’s milk, pollen, weeds, trees, feathers, and flowers. Her history proffered that she would use as much as a full box of Kleenex in a 24-hour period. She was not able to go outside, and she had to restrict her diet severely. She felt as though her social life was non-existent.

We began treating her with the CranioBiotic Technique, and systematically eliminated all of the aforementioned allergies. Patient has returned to a normal lifestyle. We released her to PRN (return as necessary).

59 year-old male farmer – Case No. 0113

Patient presented with severe heel spurs bilaterally. This caused pain to radiate into his calves, making work nearly impossible. He also had allergies to mold, feathers, and house dust.

Using the BioStim Technique, the pain in his heels was alleviated in four visits. His allergies were eliminated subsequently. Patient has no pain or complaints; his condition has completely resolved.

58 year-old female clerical worker – Case No. 0116

Patient presented with a 30-year history of migraine headaches on the left side. Patient described the pain as severely debilitating. These migraines occurred three to four times a month, with a duration of two to three days. Medications proved to be ineffective. The past medical history included gall bladder, liver inflammation, thyroid, and pancreatitis.

Examination revealed severe spasms involving the para vertebral musculature of the cervical spine, as well as weakness of the trapezius muscles and of the anterior cervical muscles bilaterally. There was a cranial fault involving the occiput, with involvement of the temporal mandibular joint (TMJ). We corrected this fault with the BioCranial Technique.

Re-evaluation of the patient indicated that, following treatment, the aforementioned muscles returned to full strength. The muscle spasms had been eliminated. On the follow-up visit approximately five days later, the patient presented with no pain and had not had any headaches in the last five days. Another cranial adjustment was administered. Patient returned in two weeks stating that she had not had a migraine since her first visit. At that time, she was released to PRN (return when necessary).

67 year-old retired female – Case No. 0128

Patient related that she had fallen, resulting in injuries to both knees and wrists. She also thinks that she has arthritis. She told us that she has had, for 25 years, and ongoing allergy to shellfish as well.

Evaluation was made of the injuries to her knees and wrists. Both were swollen. The Bio-Kinetic System was used to treat the injured areas. The knees and wrists resolved quickly. Using the CranioBio Technique, we began treatment of the shellfish allergy.

She returned in one week with no pain in the wrists or knees. She informed us that she had had shellfish on two occasions since her last visit with no effects whatsoever. Her allergy had cleared.

57 year-old male on disability due to severe neck pain – Case No. 0133

Patient had been diagnosed as having ankylosing spondylosis and was taking several medications. He has had ongoing pain for 25 years, hence the disability.

Examination showed taut and tender fibers of the para vertebral musculature of the cervical spine. There was a cranial fault involving the occiput. Subluxations existed at the cervical 1, 5, and 7 levels.

Corrections were made to the subluxations at C1, C5, and C7. Patient returned in two days indicating that range of motion of the cervical spine had increased greatly and that his neck pain had been reduced by 50 per cent. Patient returned in two more days indicating once again that there was not only improvement in the range of motion, but also reduction of pain. Patient continued to progress from that point. He did, however, suffer several exacerbations due to overexertion. Patient is functioning 90 per cent better with a reduction of pain by 80 per cent and a return of range of motion to nearly 100 per cent. Patient was released to PRN (return as necessary).

51 year-old female health care worker – Case No. 0145

Patient presented with right knee pain and stiffness. She also complained of low back pain, with right leg pain. She had been advised to have surgery, to include knee replacement. Her feeling was that she was too young for the surgery, so she sought care at our office.

Examination revealed swelling of the right knee. We found weakness of the right gluteus maximus, hamstring, quadriceps, iliacus, and psoas. Subluxations of the right sacroiliac, lumbar 4, thoracic 12 and 8, and cervical 5 and 1 were found. Corrections were made to her S1, L4, T12, T8, C5, and C1. Patient returned in two days relating that the pain was reduced by 50 per cent and that range of motion of the knee had improved considerably. Patient returned again in two days and stated that the knee had improved greatly since the second visit.

Patient is no longer considering knee replacement. She continues to function well at her workplace. She has chosen to continue with maintenance care.

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