Candida Testimonials

"Hello! I just wanted to drop a quick line and say thank you for giving me my life back! For the most part, minus an occasional slice of pizza, I am still on the candida diet. I am continuing to feel well, and am so grateful for the healthy path you helped me to take. Without all of you, I would still be a mess, with many health questions unanswered. I found that my physician in Milan carries the exact same ultra flora refrigerated probiotic that you do. Although I do not get to visit all of you, I do appreciate not having to drive to Sandusky. I have spoken of you many times and have tried to refer others to you. Keep up the good job, and take care. You will always be with me."

— Kathy G.

"I first brought my granddaughter Katie into see Dr. Heilman in hopes of correcting a turned in knee. Dr. Heilman had already treated my grandson for several allergies, so I asked him if there could possibly be something that Katie could be allergic to that would cause severe chronic diaper rash. Dr. Heilman tested her for a reaction to candida, which she tested positive to. Dr. Heilman treated her for the candida and remarkably her rash was gone overnight. It has been over two weeks now, and she has had no recurrence of the rash. We had tried everything over the counter and prescribed by the family doctor. Dr. Heilman was able to cure the severe diaper rash in one treatment and her legs are nice and straight now too. My sincerest thanks to Dr. Heilman and his staff!"

— R. L.

"I have had allergies since as long as I can remember, and chronic hives since 2001. I had resigned to having allergies and taking a pill or nasal spray for the rest of my life, but chronic hives I was not able to handle. After going to countless doctors including an allergy specialist, no one could tell me why I had chronic hives. Most doctors would prescribe steroids to take the hives away once I had a severe outbreak, but it was not something I was willing to take long term. The allergy specialist prescribed a combination of a type one antihistamine and a type two antihistamine. This started out with one of each per day and increased to taking two of each twice a day. By this point, I could feel that the drugs were starting to have other affects on my body, and [I] quit taking them all together wanting to find another solution. I would say that I came across Dr. Heilman’s name by accident; however, I believe everything happens for a reason. Dr. Heilman treated me for my allergies and candida. In addition to being cured from taking an allergy pill or nasal spray for my “normal” allergies, I have not had an outbreak of hives in over a year. I also believe that the treatment of candida took away several other possible symptoms that were listed for this condition. Thank you for curing something that I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life!"

— Danielle Schaffer, Norwalk (October 6, 2011)

"My 9-year-old son was an absolute coach potato for a couple of years. I had been going to Dr. Heilman for myself and I had thought that perhaps an adjustment or treatment by Dr Heilman may improve my son’s level of activity. When I took my son to Dr Heilman, he discovered that he had candida and it was the contributing factor to fibromyalgia. Dr. Heilman said that he had never seen a 9 year-old child with fibromyalgia, however, that was his diagnosis. Dr. Heilman cleared the candida, and gave my son spinal adjustments. In a very short time, he began to feel better and become more active. It never occurred to me that his inactivity was because he did not feel good; I just thought that he was lazy. My son is now the best basketball player on his junior high school team. He has become an athlete and is doing extremely well. His attitude has improved immensely from a couch potato to an athlete by overcoming fibromyalgia."

— V.G., Bellevue

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