Fibromyalgia Testimonials

"I have been a fibromyalgia patient of [Dr. Heilman’s] for almost a month. I have been having problems with fibromyalgia for the past six years, going from doctor to doctor. No one could help me with my problem. I tried a range of traditional and alternative treatments, including prescription drugs, bee stings, hemotherapy, acupuncture and faith healers. Repeated attempts either didn’t work, didn’t provide lasting results, or left me with unbearable side effects. I believe the combination of [Dr. Heilman’s] treatment using dietary changes and chiropractic techniques is providing the relief I have sought and was giving up hope I could find. I am not taking any pharmaceutical pain medications. I am finally able enjoy restorative sleep instead of spending the nights awake and in pain. I appreciate what [Dr. Heilman] has done for me."

— Georgi Dimitrov, Castalia

"[My symptoms were] pain basically, plus fatigue and depression. The pain was so different from normal workday pain. Chronic fatigue was the first; I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Little by little, I could not do anything. I couldn’t walk a block to work. I couldn’t walk a block to the grocery store. I couldn’t walk a half a block without sitting down and resting. Then I started having to sit down twice. I would have to sit down two or three times when trying to make my bed or any simple house chore. It would take me all day to clean my house. It would take me hours just to vacuum my floor because I would have to sit and rest and try to control the pain a little.
It took about five years to get a diagnosis. I have been suffering for about 15 years. I lost my job and had to go on disability. It took two years to get disability so I had to go and live with family during that time. I have seen many, many, many doctors. A lot of people did not believe me, not really understanding what was wrong with me. It took a long time to get it together, and then when it got together, they just kept giving me more and more pills and nothing worked. They gave me a chemotherapy drug but it did not work. I went to see a nutritionist, and she recommended Dr Heilman.
I went to see him, and I was in terrible, terrible shape. Within a matter of weeks, I was better, a lot better. Now I can do anything I want. I have so much energy, I don’t know what to do with it. I came here and I was in very bad shape. The first thing that they did was detox me, and that helped a lot. It got all the medicines and toxins out of your system. I did a lot of with the nutritionist and a lot of work with Dr. Heilman, getting adjustments and getting rid of the candida.
To me it seemed to be happening very fast. At some point, [Dr. Heilman] told me I was a difficult case, which was taking longer than normal. To me, it was almost like overnight. It was like WOW! To me it was very fast. I am continuing to see him. I will probably always see him to keep myself adjusted, healthy, and HAPPY!"
— Marilyn Meachum

"My 9-year-old son was an absolute coach potato for a couple of years. I had been going to Dr. Heilman for myself and I had thought that perhaps an adjustment or treatment by Dr. Heilman may improve my son’s level of activity. When I took my son to Dr. Heilman, he discovered that he had candida and it was the contributing factor to fibromyalgia. Dr. Heilman said that he had never seen a 9 year-old child with fibromyalgia, however, that was his diagnosis. Dr. Heilman cleared the candida, and gave my son spinal adjustments. In a very short time, he began to feel better and become more active. It never occurred to me that his inactivity was because he did not feel good; I just thought that he was lazy. My son is now the best basketball player on his junior high school team. He has become an athlete and is doing extremely well. His attitude has improved immensely from a couch potato to an athlete by overcoming fibromyalgia."

— V.G., Bellevue

"Suffering with diagnosed fibromyalgia, I was in pain and felt helpless. The anti-depressants only helped marginally. I saw an ad in the paper for Dr. Heilman’s program. Although I was skeptical, I thought anything was worth a try to rid myself of the stiff body and so much pain. What results!!! Within a few weeks, my pain was mostly gone. I thought this is truly a new healthy start, for the rest of my life. When I found out Dr. Heilman treated allergies, I again was skeptical. Yet I have experienced the relief of no more symptoms of allergies, no runny noses, or no itchy eyes. I thank Dr. Heilman just about every time I see him for improving my quality of life. You don’t forget the pain. I’m just so happy it is gone. I also refer family and friends as they need relief."
— Kay Gilbert

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