Miscellaneous Testimonials

I am a 40 year old wife and mother of 3 children under the age of 10.  Before I came to see Dr. Heilman I was having tremendous difficulty.  My symptoms included migraine headaches almost every day, numbness, tingling and pain into all four of my extremities, lower back pain, muscle weakness and seizures.  My driver’s license was taken away because of how bad I was.  My medical doctor told me my symptoms “resembled” Multiple Sclerosis.  I was devastated when I heard that.  He wanted me to see a neurologist to be checked out by someone more knowledgeable in that area of medicine.  I proceeded with an MRI that showed absolutely nothing.  I was told that he was unable to give me a definitive diagnosis of MS until lesions would appear on the meninges of the brain and spinal cord.  Of course at that time there were none visible.  He told me sometimes it takes a long time to diagnose MS because it takes awhile for those lesions to develop.  A friend of mine recommended that I see Dr. Heilman as he might be able to help me.  I was very skeptical but at that point in my life I was at a loss.  I was so fearful of becoming a burden to my family.  I was depressed, anxious and distraught.  Dr. Heilman saw me and said he would see if he could help.  The first treatment date came and after that visit, on my way home I could feel an improvement in my extremities.  The numbness and tingling seemed to be decreasing as well as the pain.  After my second visit with Dr. Heilman, my migraines disappeared and nearly all of the tingling and muscle weakness in my arms and legs was also gone.  After my third visit, all of my symptoms were COMPLETELY gone; I was elated and finally felt that if my life may have a future.  It has now been over 6 months since my last treatment.  I have not had a seizure and was able to obtain my Driver’s License back.   My family and I are forever grateful, thank you so much Dr. Heilman!!

Jackie in Willard, OH 

"If you recall, I came to you in the spring of 2011 with some very bothersome hormonal problems including painful cycles, ovarian cysts, and worst of all: infertility. At age 32, I had never been able to become pregnant, and needed to take a prescription drug that regulated my cycles enough for me to be able to function day-to-day without severe pain and other unpleasant symptoms. I began coming in for traction therapy and spinal adjustments, which helped me feel better (though I had this therapy at other providers previously). You also suggested trying CranioBiotic Technique (CBT) to balance my estrogen which tested “weak.” I had never tried CBT before. After you balanced my estrogen, I noticed immediate relief. I felt better than I had in many years and was able to go off the drug I was taking and felt so great that I don’t need to come in to see you anymore. I have to admit that I didn’t expect anything to happen, and was surprised at the result. You asked me to keep you posted and let you know if I did become pregnant. After two months of having regular cycles, my husband and I were overjoyed to find that I was expecting a baby! Because of our past experience with infertility and miscarriages, we were hesitant to share this news with you right away. But I am more than halfway through my pregnancy now, and the baby (a girl) is healthy and doing well. She is expected to arrive in mid-March 2012. Thank you for your help. I don’t know if it was the chiropractic adjustments or the CBT, but I do know that this pregnancy is a miracle, and I do believe you helped me and my husband on path towards becoming parents. I know different things work for different people, but I hope anyone experiencing hormonal problems or infertility will consider trying CBT. It’s so inexpensive, quick, and non-invasive. I wish I would have tried it long ago before all the drugs, doctors, and tests!"

Rose (and Matt and baby) Hollo

"For a long time, I could not go up the stairs without having to pull myself up because of knee and low back pain. I could not do anything; I could hardly walk. I had injections in my knee that helped for a little while, and surgery was suggested. Since I have been receiving care from Dr. Heilman, I have been doing great and don’t need either of those! My knees are better than they have been in a long, long time. I can go up and down stairs with no problem and have been mowing the lawn and doing heavy yard work. I could not be happier!"

Thelma Meredith

"When I first came to see Dr. Heilman, I had headaches every day, my shoulder hurt, I had lower back pain, and the ball of my foot was so sore I could hardly walk on my foot at all. After my first visit, my headaches were less, and by the second visit, gone completely! My shoulder is 80% better and so is my low back. My foot is great now! After the fourth visit I could even wear heels again. I never missed a day of working 12 hour days. I am really glad that I came."

Charlotte Chill

"During my pregnancy, I started experiencing gall bladder problems which even took me by ambulance to the ER. I did not want to take any prescription medication recommended, so I made an appointment with Dr. Heilman and he adjusted my spine to alleviate any nerve interference there, and he recommended a nutritional supplement, perfectly safe for my unborn baby, that helps with proper gall bladder function. Throughout the rest of my pregnancy—and now—I occasionally get treatment and have no gall bladder problems.
Recently, my five week-old daughter developed eczema on her cheeks and I took her for an appointment with Dr. Heilman. He tested her for several homeopathic remedies and she indicated a need for one of them. Within less than 24 hours after starting the remedy, I started noticing an improvement in her skin, and two days later, one cheek was clear and the other vastly improved. I am so grateful that he has been able to help both my daughter and myself."

Emily Bilger

"I have had severe heel pain for several years with it getting worse all the time. I had several trips to the foot doctor trying different heel and shoe inserts and different medications, all to no avail. I even went to physical therapy for more than three months with some improvement, but nothing that lasted. I mentioned the intense pain to my chiropractor, Dr. Heilman, telling him that I could not even get out of bed in the night without putting on an athletic shoe to offer some sort of cushion for the heel. After just two treatments, using the Biostem Technique, my heel pain was improved to the point where I could get up and walk without a shoe, and I could walk normally for much longer distances with my shoes. The relief is wonderful. I just wish I would have thought to mention it to him a long time ago!"

Wayne Rogers

"I am a breast cancer survivor. When I first came to see Dr. Heilman, I could not lift my right arm or lie on my stomach due to my mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Today I am happy to say I have very little pain in the right side and I can lift my right arm over my head! Thank you, Dr. Heilman."

Carol Barone

"Early this year, I had been sick for about one week, had seen the MD, and was taking antibiotics for a sinus/bronchial diagnosis. After about a week of that, I had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance, unable to breathe, with a very low oxygen level. After three days in the hospital with three different diagnoses and several treatments including IVs, steroids, more antibiotics, and breathing treatments, I was sent home on oxygen feeling no better than when I went in. I had heard about Dr. Heilman and called; after the second visit, I was on my way to feeling better! I have seen him several times now for different things, and he now sees some of my family, always treating each of us with knowledge, respect, and involving us in our own health care. After all, it is our body and our health; we should have some sort of input as to how to correct its problems! Thank you, Dr. Heilman."

Jeanette Lyons

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