Video Testimonials

A Letter from Amanda

A letter to Dr. John Heilman from Amanda from Huron: “For two months my children have been receiving treatments from Dr. Heilman and have had tremendous results.”

A Letter from Cindy

A letter to Dr. John Heilman from Cindy S. from Maumee: “Since being treated by Dr. Heilman, it has been over a year since I have taken any form of medications for my allergies.”

A Letter from D.R.

A letter to Dr. John Heilman from D.R. from Castalia: “Our whole family saw Dr. Heilman for allergies and he told me that he could eliminate my shrimp allergy.”

A Letter from Danielle

“I have had allergies since as long as I can remember, and chronic hives since 2001. I had resigned to having allergies and taking a pill or nasal spray for the rest of my life.”

A Letter from Rose

A letter to Dr. John Heilman from Rose of Norwalk: “I came to you with hormonal problems including painful cycles. After you balanced my estrogen I noticed immediate relief.”

A Letter from Valerie

A letter to Dr. John Heilman from Valerie: “Dr. Heilman cleared the candida and gave my son spinal adjustments. In a short time he felt better and became more active.”

There is a great treatment for Fibromyalgia!

Results happened very quickly, so fast. She will continue to see Dr. Heilman to keep herself adjusted and healthy and happy!

Asthma can be treated!

Asthma affects 22 million people in the United States. After treatment, Loretta Biecheler is able to breathe better and perform normal daily activities.

Millie’s Testimonial

Millie suffered from lower back issues, headaches, and pain in her legs, shoulders and neck. She felt relief after the first visit!

Linda’s Testimonial

Three months after having surgery on her back Linda was still having a lot of pain. She decided to give us a call and now she feels great.

John’s Testimonial

John called himself “half dead” as he lived with his debilitating fibromyalgia symptoms. But after just ten days of treatment, John is a different man.

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