Neo-Cortical Somato Visceral Technique (NSVT℠)

If your body could tell you what it needs to be healthy, what would it say?

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How does NSVTSM work?

Health problems often persist because your brain (autonomic nervous system) is unable to accurately identify and correct the underlying causes of those problems. This can occur for many different reasons, including chronic emotional and/or physiological stress. NSVTSM uses gentle and effective Muscle Response Testing (MRT) to obtain feedback from your body concerning the presence of any hidden health stressors that may be causing your problem(s). These stressors can include allergies, infectious organisms, toxins, and physiological dysfunctions.

Once a stressor has been revealed, we can relay the information to your brain. This is accomplished by the gentle stimulation of specific neurovascular “reflex points” on your cranium and upper body. As soon as your brain accurately recognizes the stressor, it can then immediately begin to correct it.

Dr. Heilman created the NSVTSM technique by combining several techniques and adding original materials.

What diseases can NSVTSM help?

Your brain is a powerful “bio-computer” which is capable of correcting a wide variety of health problems. NSVTSM itself, however, does not diagnose or treat “diseases.” Diseases are simply words that describe the symptoms of health problems. They do not establish the causes. Some examples include acid reflux, chronic fatigue, allergies, hypothyroidism, irritable bowel, sinusitis, asthma, eczema, etc.

When you suffer with health problems, medications may help you feel better by suppressing your symptoms. But these drugs typically do not address the health stressors that may be causing your symptoms. If left uncorrected, these stressors can often result in medication toxicity and/or the chronic impairment of your health potential.

How is NSVTSM different?

The purpose of NSVTSM is to enable your brain to recognize and then correct the underlying causes of your health problems. This can produce the natural resolution of your symptoms and the restoration of your optimal health and function. For example, a grass allergy can create the “disease” of sinusitis. These unpleasant symptoms can usually be suppressed with antihistamine drugs. The cause of your symptoms, though, is your brain’s erroneous “tagging” of grass as a dangerous substance. Once this misidentification is corrected, your symptoms will resolve and your sinuses can regain their normal healthy function.

The Advantages of NSVTSM

  • Health problems can often be corrected safely, effectively and rapidly because your wise and powerful “bio-computer” is directing your healing.
  • NSVTSM can address underlying factors that are not revealed with conventional physical examinations, blood tests, scans, allergy tests, etc.
  • The NSVTSM correction process is non-toxic and inexpensive, unlike many drug therapies or long-term nutritional remedies.
  • NSVTSM does not use force, and it is gentle and pain-free. This allows the elderly, disabled, and even newborns to be easily evaluated and treated.

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