Have you ever wondered why some people get sick and others don’t?

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Bio-Kinetics is a specialized treatment to the body’s neuro-receptors to clear and coordinate the nervous system network. It improves joint function (i.e. shoulder, knee), normal pelvic function, and spinal function. It also facilitates rapid improvement of wounds, both surgical and other, by stimulating the neuro-receptors.

Have you ever wondered why some people get sick and others don’t? Is it poor diet? Then why do some people on the same diet get sick and others don’t? Is it attitude? Then why do some of the most positive and spiritually-evolved people get sick and die relatively young? Is it genetics? Then why doesn’t everyone in the same gene pool develop the same illnesses, and how did that gene strain survive? Is it germs, bacteria, or viruses? If it were, why doesn’t everyone get sick at the same time since we’re all around the same germs?

The answer: resistance!

Different people have different levels of resistance. To have a high level of resistance, you must have maximum function of all organs and cells.

What must you have to function at maximum?

You need a proper diet, exercise, rest, mental attitude, and most importantly, energy. It was once thought that the brain generated energy. In the past 15 years, research conducted all over the world has found significant discoveries about the brain and nervous system.

One major discovery is that the brain functions much like a battery, storing energy generated by specialized cells called neuro-receptors. These receptors are located in joints, muscles, skin, and organs, and are stimulated through our physical activities. These cells convert environmental stimulation into nerve energy. The entire body is interlinked via nerve pathways called the nervous system or nerve network, with the brain coordinating and integrating all activities.

It is now known that injuries such as sprains and strains of joints; damage to muscles from tears, cuts, and needle punctures; weakness in internal organs; and emotional traumas permanently disrupt the functions of these neuro-receptors which, in turn, disrupts the function of the entire body.

Over the years, various systems of care were developed to treat the effects of this neuro-receptor dysfunction, including the chemical approach (using herbs, vitamin therapy, synthetic drugs, etc.); and the mechanical approach (using acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, and other systems including spinal manipulation—the spine contains 60% of all neuro-receptors in the body and is subjected to some of the greatest injuries).

After more than 40 years of research, Dr. Lawrence E. Newsum, a chiropractor, discovered a simple and effective way of locating and restoring function to these neuro-receptors thereby restoring function to the entire body. His discovery was made in 1922, and he called it Bio-Kinetics Health Systems, which became the Newsum Bio-Kinetics Health Restoration System.

Proper stimulation of specific neuro-receptors, along with a revolutionary Bio-Kinetics stress / test / clear process, helps activate and integrate these neuro-receptor pathways. With Bio-Kinetics, we see dramatic changes that, in the past, have taken months or years, or might not have occurred at all. Physical ailments, chronic old injuries, organ weakness, immune dysfunctions including allergies and sensitivities, and even neuro-emotional patterns clear easily.

Can neuro-receptor function be measured?

Abnormal neuro-receptor function can be measured in many ways. Some of the more clinically practical ways are to measure the effect this has on the motor system (muscle strength). Changes in the nerve system will show up as subtle weaknesses of certain muscles. There may be an imbalance between different sides of the body. This imbalance may show up as a difference in leg or arm length, elevated shoulders, a twisted pelvis, poor posture, or abnormal spine curves. We can also use a procedure that is called a “Physiological Blind Spot Map.” This references small areas in our eyes where the optic nerve enters from the back which are “blinded.”

When the function of certain parts of the brain are altered (primarily the thalamus), nerve impulses from receptors being relayed from this area to the occipital cortex will be decreased, resulting in an enlargement of one or both blind spots. These subtle changes are warning signs and can be monitored before and immediately after by a well trained practitioner. These simple tests help guide our corrective procedures for maximum results.

How do you know if neuro-receptors are functioning properly?

Can you judge by how you feel? No. How often do you read about, or know of, someone feeling good enough to jog, swim, play games, and then they die on the spot? Or someone has a physical and is found to have a gall bladder, kidney, liver, pancreas or some other organ function breakdown without symptoms?

Does the body fall apart overnight? Not hardly! There are tests that can be performed to determine if your organs are getting weak, but these are not medical tests. The Bio-Kinetics Health System uses kinesiology tests and postural tests to locate organ weakness and malfunction long before the onset of symptoms. Unexplained transitory aches, pains, headaches, pain in the spine and neck that comes and goes, and many other symptoms are all signs of functional breakdowns and early warning signs of potentially more serious health problems.

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