Our patients diagnosed with ADHD enjoy outcomes which have become extremely favorable.

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Get help in recognizing the food allergies in your child’s environment that may be contributing to the symptoms of ADHD.

In regards to ADHD, we have found that clinical research has shown many children who have been diagnosed with ADHD and put on ADHD medications do quite well after they have been screened for allergies. Most of those allergies include milk, wheat and a number of colored dyes that are used in our food here in the United States. Once these allergies have been eliminated through the NSVT (Neo-cortical Somato Visceral Technique), we find that there is not a need for medication with many of the cases. Therefore, they weren’t truly ADHD patients but had allergies that were causing the symptoms for ADHD. The outcomes for these patients have become extremely favorable.

We use an instrument called Arthrostim for chiropractic manipulation of the spinal and pelvic area. This instrument has been used for approximately 30 years, and it is very specific and not invasive. By adjusting the vertebral segments and pelvis with the instrument, we are able to achieve wonderful outcomes for issues such as headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, neuritis, brachial neuralgia in the upper extremities and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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