Our expertise and experience in treating fibromyalgia will serve to improve your day-to-day life!

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We can reduce the effects of fibromyalgia and improve your day-to-day living by treating what we have found to be the five causes of fibromyalgia: Candida, Dysbiosis (Leaky Gut), Parasites, Cranial Fault, and Adrenal Exhaustion.

According to a Wikipedia entry:

“Fibromyalgia (new Latin, fibro-, fibrous tissues, Gk. myo-, muscle, Gk. algos-, pain, meaning muscle and connective tissue pain; also referred to as FM or FMS) is a medical disorder characterized by chronic widespread pain and allodynia, a heightened and painful response to pressure. Fibromyalgia symptoms are not restricted to pain, leading to the use of the alternative term fibromyalgia syndrome for the condition. Other symptoms include debilitating fatigue, sleep disturbance, and joint stiffness. Some patients may also report difficulty with swallowing, bowel and bladder abnormalities, numbness and tingling, and cognitive dysfunction. Fibromyalgia is frequently associated with psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety and stress-related disorders such as post traumatic stress disorder.”

In other words, symptoms can be both varied and debilitating for those who suffer from fibromyalgia. Fortunately, we can help. Our expertise and experience in treating fibromyalgia sufferers will serve to improve your day-to-day life!

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